LCC will use this information to lobby for much stronger action on bike theft, especially against online sellers, who reportedly account for 60% of stolen bike sales...

Beat The Thief!
London Cycling Campaign 2010

* 1. Have you ever had a bike stolen?

* 2. How many times?

* 3. Were any bikes recovered?

* 4. Do you report bike theft to the police? (you may tick more than one answer)

* 5. If you reported your bike theft to the police, how did they respond?

* 6. Do you insure your bike?

* 7. Do you have access to secure parking?

  Yes No
At home
At work

* 8. Do you ever not travel by bike because of theft?

* 9. Have you ever bought a bike that you now suspect might be stolen?

* 10. If so, where did you buy this bike?

* 11. Have you ever recognised a stolen bike for sale on the internet?

* 12. If so, on which site?

* 13. Please put additional comments or experiences of theft here (write as much or as little as you like)

EXTRA: We've been overwhelmed by the number of informative/heart-breaking/frustrating bike theft stories, and we'd like to follow some of them up. If you're telling us yours and think it would help, then please provide an email or phone contact. We won't use this for anything else except to ask you more about your experiences.

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