Welcome! Thank you for participating in the National Environmental Education Foundation's survey.

With the recent explosion of all things “green”, many companies are recognizing the valuable, indeed essential, role their employees play in aligning day-to-day operations with corporate values regarding the environment and sustainability. And yet, as we’ve heard from many companies, they are not entirely sure how best to educate and involve employees in corporate environmental activities.

In response to growing interest, the National Environmental Education Foundation has conducted research on this issue and prepared a survey to gauge more broadly how leading companies approach internal employee education and engagement. This survey is part of a larger study on corporate environmental and sustainability education. We will cull existing best practices, highlight lessons learned, and examine metrics. The results will be available to our audience of business executives and managers, to help them define viable, practical strategies to engage employees on a range of in-house environmental and sustainability matters.

Throughout the survey we refer to "environmental/ sustainability" education, and at question 8 you will be asked to define it for your company. We are primarily interested in environmental education efforts so please take the survey with that in mind, using whatever term encompasses this for your company.

The survey is being distributed to a wide audience, and we recognize that there may be duplicate responses from a company. Please feel free to designate one person from your company to complete the survey.

In the final question, you can request survey results by providing your name and email address. All responses are confidential.

The survey should take about 15 minutes to complete.


Ken Strassner
Vice President-Global Environment, Safety,
Regulatory and Scientific Affairs
Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Diane Wood
President, National Environmental Education Foundation