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Project Overview and Purpose

The Squamish Food Policy Council (SFPC) and the District of Squamish Economic Development team are developing a Squamish to Lillooet Food and Farm Hub Feasibility Plan (the Plan). Learn more about the project here.
The purpose of the Plan is to understand the circumstances under which, and with what components, a food and farm hub(s) would work in the Squamish to Lillooet region. We envision a future food and farm hub(s) as a network of nodes and infrastructure that support the diverse needs of the region to establish a strengthened food system.
What information are we collecting and why?
The purpose of the survey is to collect data from current agriculture and agri-food businesses in the region to understand:
  1. Current factors constraining the organizations’ ability to thrive;
  2. Hard and soft infrastructure needs to enable the organization to thrive.
The data collected will be publicly available and used to inform what infrastructure components are needed to establish a feasible food and farm hub (or hubs) in the Squamish to Lillooet region. This information will be presented as a final business case with recommendations for implementation.
This survey is estimated to take between 12-20 minutes. Surveys completed by August 15 will be entered to win one of three $100 gift certificates to a restaurant of your choice.
If you have any questions or prefer not to complete the survey online and are seeking alternative options, please contact Gabriela Lech, Food Systems Manager at the SFPC, at 

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