UUFNW Service Auction | Nov. 4, 2017

What am I bid?
More important, what's YOUR bid?
We're in the planning stages for the UUFNW's 2017 Service Auction. And we can't do it without your help!
We need to hear from you about what YOU would like to bid on at the Auction. The more we target our offerings to what folks really want, the more we can raise for the UUFNW! 
So,let's hear it! What do you want? What about your partner, your kids, or your friends want to bid on? Ask them and include their responses in this survey. Or forward the link and let them fill out their own!
Please complete your survey by October 14, 2017. If you have questions, contact Donna at demoriarty22@gmail.com or Kelley at housmankel@me.com.
And thanks!

* 1. What SERVICES would you like to bid on? Please add your own ideas and elaborate on any of the listed items at the bottom of this question.

* 2. What EVENTS would you like to bid on at the service auction?

* 3. What THINGS would you like to bid on at the auction? Please be specific by writing in the box below.

* 4. What would you buy a $2 raffle ticket to try to win? (can be anything listed above or other)

* 5. Do you plan to attend the UUFNW Auction on Saturday, November 5th at 6pm?

* 6. Do you plan to bring anyone else?

* 7. Please let us know if you have any suggestions that will help us in planning this year's auction. Thank you and we hope to see you there!

Please take a moment to sign up to donate a service, event or item to the service auction by clicking on this link  and filling in the form on the UUFNW website. Thank you!  If you have any questions, please contact demoriarty22@gmail.com