Why Should You Consider Joining Stillwater SEAC?

SEAC participation can provide multiple benefits, to the families, the students, the Stillwater Area Public Schools, and the community at large. Some more personal benefits include:
  • Being a good role model for your child/children
  • Making a difference for your own children as well as other children in the district
  • Forming relationships with other families and district staff
  • Learn skills and information that may help you work more effectively with the school district
  • Become more knowledge about special education
You can also contribute to the wider community by:
  • helping the Stillwater school district understand the parent perspective
  • contributing in ways that may improve outcomes for children with disabilities and produce meaningful change
  • appreciating the opportunity to support Stillwater school professional

Interested in joining us? Please fill out the following application. We are looking for interested parents who have a child with a disability in the Stillwater district to becoming members of the SEAC.