Empty Homes survey

About this survey
There can be many potential reasons for leaving a property empty. There can also be many myths and mistruths around empty homes. The Empty Homes project is an independent feasibility study that aims to:
  • define what is an empty home in the New Zealand context,
  • engage with property owners to understand more about empty homes and why they are empty,
  • identify the barriers to returning an empty home into the housing supply, and
  • explore potential support and solutions that would be helpful to return empty homes into the housing supply.
What is an "empty" home and who should complete this survey
One of the objectives of this study is to define what is an empty home in the New Zealand context. There are many baches and holiday homes that are partially occupied, but owners' views of whether they are "empty" will vary. This survey is open to owners or part-owners of homes that are partially, periodically or permanently unoccupied.

How long it will take to complete
It will take approximately ten minutes to complete this survey. There are several comment boxes - if you choose to write lengthy responses, you may need to allow more time.

Your information and privacy
This survey is anonymous. At the end of the survey, there is an opportunity to supply contact information for a further discussion, if you are interested. This is not mandatory. You will not be asked for the address of your empty home. 

For details on how your information will be stored and used, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Got questions?
For more information on the Empty Homes project, please visit www.emptyhomes.co.nz.

This project is made possible with funding from the New Zealand Ministry of Housing and Urban Development.

7% of survey complete.