Note:  You are under no obligation to provide verification of having received a vaccination and Excelsior Charter Schools is in no way obligating any person to be vaccinated.   

The County Departments of Public Health are now mandating that schools assist with vaccinating students that are age 12 years or older and any desiring family member over the age of 12.  As such, Excelsior Charter Schools has partnered with the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools and local hospitals to provide an opportunity for the students and family members that meet the age requirement to receive the vaccine.  This survey will be used for the sole purpose of understanding how many vaccinations we need to order.  Excelsior Charter Schools is simply complying with the mandate to provide the opportunity for desiring people to be vaccinated.   

Excelsior Charter Schools recommends that you consult with your physician in making the determination of whether or not being vaccinated is the right health decision for you or your student(s).  Receiving or not receiving the vaccination in no way impacts the required COVID-19 safety protocols for on-campus or in person school-based activities. Further, we will not have the opportunity to select the brand of vaccination received. Not completing the survey will indicate that you are choosing not to receive the vaccination through this process.  If you choose to be vaccinated you will receive a separate communication with the specifics. 

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