* 1. How attractive do you find the RomanceALIVE.com website?

* 2. How valuable to you was the information you found on RomanceALIVE.com?

* 3. Which page on RomanceALIVE.com do you find MOST interesting?
Don't forget the Romantic Sparks link on the Home page.

* 4. What was it about that page that you find most interesting?

* 5. Which page on RomanceALIVE.com did you find LEAST interesting?

* 6. What makes or would make you want to visit RomanceALIVE.com once-a-week

* 7. Do you find the products for sale on the Romantic Sparks link of the Home page attractive and a good value?

* 8. Which one of the following best describes your impression of RomanceALIVE.com

* 9. What would you suggest we change to make RomanceALIVE.com more valuable or attractive or interesting?

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