1. SVG - Do you use Scalable Vector Graphics?

This is an informal survey to satisfy Nathaniel V. Kelso's personal curiosity if anyone actually uses SVG today and, if so, for what purpose. There was a time late 90s when SVG seemed to be a competitor to Flash, but that time seems to have come and gone, or has it?

Survey will stay open till end of January. Results posted in Feb 2008 to my blog (link below).

There are 10 questions total (below).

You can find out more about SVG here:

You can find out about me here:

* 1. Have you ever used SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) to create a map or other graphic? How many?
(Mark only 1 choice)

* 2. How recent was that?
(Mark only 1 choice)

* 3. What is your professional background?
(Mark 1 or more choices)

* 4. Why is SVG useful to you?
(Mark 1 or more choices)

* 5. Why don't you use SVG?
(Mark 1 or more choices)

* 6. Do you know anyone that does create SVG maps or graphics?
(Mark only 1 choice)

* 7. How essential is SVG to your workflow?
(Mark only 1 choice)

  Not at all Somewhat Moderate High Extreme N/A

* 8. What software do you use to create SVG graphics?
(Mark 1 or more choices)

* 9. Can you accomplish your SVG workflow in Flash or another solution?
(Mark only 1 choice)

* 10. Parting thoughts? Include your email if you want a response (no spam, I promise).