Disruptive Optimism:  Education, Planning, and Design in Fifty Years

For decades educators, policymakers, planners, and design professionals across the globe have been nibbling around the edges of positive change.  However, recent disruptive forces surrounding the global pandemic, social injustice, and economic stresses have made the need for holistic and radical change more visible.  The 2021 Global Conference will explore the disruptive forces at play around the world, the positive opportunity they represent, and the actions necessary to create an optimistic and more effective future.  We are looking for speakers who see the opportunity at this moment to inspire us, to challenge our thinking, and to help us increase the pace of change.

With that as the goal, the Association for Learning Environments is issuing a call for two types of session speakers this year:  Concrete and Conceptual.   Concrete session proposals should focus on now.  What can we learn from research, processes, educational practices, and projects that exist today? How can they positively impact the near-term future?  Conceptual session proposals should be theoretical and based in the year 2070.  What can education be?   Where is education happening?  These proposals should respond to one of two prompts:  Education & Policy, or Place.  For this second type of session, A4LE is hoping to tap into the creativity and imaginations of its membership to crowdsource visions of learning and place in the year 2070 and to spark inspired conversations about how to get there.  More detailed instructions for both types of sessions are available in the proposal applications links.

We are interested in sessions that are varied in length and delivery, engaging attendees by enhancing their overall experience.  A4LE members represent a diverse community.  Providing a learning experience through multiple modes of learning and engagements allowing all attendees a memorable journey will also be represented in the 2021 LearningScapes portfolio of presentations.

Due to the uncertainty surrounding the global pandemic, this year’s conference will likely have opportunities for remote attendance.  Please indicate in the proposal forms whether or not you are willing to delivery your session remotely.  If your session is selected and occurs remotely, please consider ways to engage the audience as active participants in the session.

Each speaker, including all co-speakers, agree to the terms below when submitting a presentation. 

I will participate in this program and understand my submission indicates my commitment to participate, my permission for A4LE and its agents to use my name and to reproduce and distribute all or selected portions of my presentation in printed, audio-video or electronic format. I hereby waive all rights of payment for this license.

I further agree to register and pay for the conference and to notify any co-presenters of this same obligation.

I understand that A4LE will provide a projector, screen, microphone, speakers, and one flip chart (upon request only) for the room. I further understand that I am required to supply a laptop or device with applicable adapters to run my presentation.

Additional equipment needs must be submitted and will be at my expense. The Association for Learning Environments will make every effort to accommodate special requests; however, we do not guarantee it. I also understand there is a charge for a room change, additional equipment and that if I change the room from the original set up the charge will be at my personal expense. 

 Proposals Due:  March 15, 2021