We're here for you!

The Door Of Hope Christian Church is new to the Serra Mesa community and we are eager to share GOD's love and serve this community as we strive to make a positive difference! Will you help us by answering the following questions honestly and as candidly as possible. Thanks in advance for your time.

* 1. What do you think is the greatest need in this area of San Diego?

* 2. Are you actively attending any church? (If “NO” continue survey. If “Yes” you may go to question #6, continue the survey or stop and submit the survey at this time. Thanks.)

* 3. Why do you think most people don’t attend church?

* 4. If you were to choose a church to attend, what kind of things would you look for?

* 5. What can our church do for you? What advice can you give to our church and Pastor who really want to be helpful to people?

* 6. You're almost done. Do you have any prayer needs/requests that we can pray for?

* 7. Let's Keep In Touch! If you'd like to receive information about up-coming D.O.H.C.C. events and activities and/or words of inspiration please share your contact information below. Otherwise you are done and can submit the survey now. Thanks for your time and feedback. We really appreciate it and hope to see you this Sunday at 10:15am for our Worship Celebration! Grace & Peace - The Door Of Hope Christian Church Family