Marino Local History Society 

If This House Could Talk

In America there is a movement called "If This House Could Talk" where the residents and businesses in area post hand written signs and graphics in front of their homes and businesses telling stories and offering information from the recent or not-so-recent past for passers-by to read.

Much of our local history is recorded as folklore or captured in photographs, both are vulnerable to the passage of time. How many photographs, family histories have been lost over the decades. Many works of local history are compiled by amateur historians. Local history tends to be less documented than other types of history.

Please tell your friends and neighbours about this exciting new project !

* 1. I am from or use to live in;

* 2. When did you or your relatives live in the local area?

* 3. How many generations of your family lived in the local area?

* 4. Woud you like to help out in preserving our local history?

* 5. The deeds to a house hold a record of who lived in the house since it was built. This is a great way finding out about the historical profile of the local area.

* 6. Did you have an ancestor that participated in any military conflict?

* 7. What are your recollections of the local area?