Test Your Benefits IQ

Complete this brief survey for the chance to win a $50 gift card. Answers can be found on GraingerTotalRewards.com. Only one entry per team member, per survey. You must answer all questions correctly to be entered in the raffle. Correct answers will be revealed when the winner is announced. New surveys will be posted quarterly, so check back for ongoing chances to win.

* 1. Who can answer questions about your benefits or help resolve health care billing and insurance claim disputes?

* 2. Under which medical plan does Grainger make a Health Savings Account (HSA) contribution?

* 3. How many preventive (free) dental cleanings do covered team members and their dependents receive every year?

* 4. How many complimentary counseling sessions are offered every year to team members and their families through Grainger’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

* 5. What is the maximum amount of your annual pay that can be contributed into your 401(k)?

* 6. Enter your RACFID: