* 1. What was the weather in your area today? How cold, temperature-wise?

* 2. What did you wear outside today? Be as specific as possible if you can (include materials, multiple layers)

* 3. On a scale of 0 (as cold as you could have been today) to 10 (dressed for the weather, comfortable, not cold), how warm were you?

* 4. If you weren't as warm as you could have been, did you consider putting on warmer clothes when you were originally getting dressed? If so, what stopped you from dressing warmer?

* 5. How much did your outfit today cost?

* 6. Would you rather wear an unfashionable outfit that keeps you comfortable and warm or an attractive outfit that leaves you cold? (In this case the options are mutually exclusive)

* 7. What section of the store was your outfit purchased from? (example: men's, women's, or elsewhere) If elsewhere, please explain.

* 8. What is your gender?