* 1. Did you own or rent your home in Shorewood?

* 2. Do you plan to own or rent your next home?

* 3. During your residence in Shorewood what was most important to you? Rank 1-7 with 1 being the most important.

* 4. Do you plan to purchase a different home/condo/rent in Shorewood or in a nearby community?

* 5. If answered, YES, I AM MOVING TO NEARBY COMMUNITY, what community?

* 6. Please provide the number of children in your household ages 18 or younger that will be moving with you.

* 7. Please identify the reasons that influenced your decision to move.

* 8. If answered OTHER as a reason for moving out, please explain.

* 9. While living in Shorewood what was your primary source of information about the community? Please check all that apply.

* 10. What did you like best about living in Shorewood?

* 11. What did you like least about living in Shorewood?

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