NUMMI Petition

* 1. Background Information
Twenty-five years ago, the New United Motors Manufacturing Inc. (NUMMI) plant in Fremont, California introduced Japanese production methods to America. The NUMMI workers made a commitment to implement these new methods and make some of the best cars in North America. In turn, management made a commitment to long term employment stability and job security in the Japanese tradition. Over the years, the workers at NUMMI have lived up to their end of the bargain, producing vehicles for Toyota that have consistently won acclaim for their high quality. California consumers have shown their commitment to Toyota by buying far more Toyota vehicles than any other state. California taxpayers have further supported Toyota by financing training, tax abatements, and the federal “cash for clunkers” program which benefited Toyota more than any other automobile producer. In short, California work-ers, consumers, and taxpayers have all shown their commitment to Toyota. As a result, 50,000 Californians depend on the NUMMI plant for their livelihoods. But Toyota is reneging on its com-mitment to job security and has announced its intention of closing NUMMI. The fact that Toyota has never closed a factory nor laid off a single full-time worker in Japan make its actions all the more insulting to California workers, consumers and taxpayers.

Statement To Toyota
We, the undersigned Californians, demand that Toyota Motor Corporation honor its commitment to California Workers, Consumers and Taxpayers by keeping the NUMMI plant open to produce quality Toyota Vehicles for many years to come.

Furthermore, we pledge not to purchase any Toyota products if Toyota Motor Corporation reneges on its commitment and closes the NUMMI Plant.