* 1. What type of business do you run here in Bedford?

* 2. Does your business use "maintenance sign" such as "this lawn was mowed by XYZ Landscaping". Can you tell us, how many leads you get from this type of signage? How many of these leads lead to business?

* 3. Do you have Bedford residents employeed at your business? If yes, how many?

* 4. If your business had to close, how many people would be out of job? (Include yourself)

* 5. How would you feel if your sign was considered to be "pre-existing, non-conforming" and had to be replaced? Would 3-5 years be enough of time to allow to change your sign? Is 3-5 years too much of burden or hardship?

* 6. Sandwich board signs are prohibited under the current sign bylaw. We are working with the town selectmen to allow businesses to use them during "designated" times. We need ensure that these types of signs do not cause any "safety" concerns. If you were allowed to used sandwich board signs - would you use them?

* 7. If you could use sandwich boards, what days would work best for you?

* 8. We might ask the selectman if JULY 4th Weekend could be a "trial" weekend for sandwich boards. Will you partipate?

* 9. Have you ever used an open flag? If so, did you see a change in business? Was it significant? How much?