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Halifax Humane Society, Inc.
2364 LPGA Boulevard
Daytona Beach, FL 32124
Tel: 386-274-4703
The Halifax Humane Society welcomes individuals and groups who wish to financially support the shelter through 3rd party events. These events come in all shapes and sizes... Bowling tournaments, walks, fairs, festivals, yard sales, and more. To create your own third party event all you need is a passion for animals and a little creativity.

Fill out your 3rd Party Event Application today!

All events must be submitted 1 month (30 days) in advance of event date.

Events submitted taking place in less than 1 month (30 days) will not be considered.

Applications are reviewed on a first come first serve basis.

Halifax Humane Society reserves the right to decline any and all requests made.

All events must be pre-approved by Halifax Humane Society, Inc., please contact Pam Clayton, Special Events Manager for additional information.
For a paper copy of this form please visit: Third Party Event Form

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What percentage of the event proceeds are going to HHS?

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* 7. What percentage of the event proceeds are going to HHS?

We ask that participants/attendees be informed of the exact amount their participation benefits Halifax Humane Society, Inc. For example, ambiguous wording like: “a portion of the proceeds” is not sufficient. Preferable disclosure statements take the form of these examples

• All donations collected will be remitted to the Halifax Humane Society, Inc.
• 50% of each ticket sold will be given to the Halifax Humane Society, Inc.
• 100% of the net proceeds go to the Halifax Humane Society, Inc.
• A minimum of $5,000 is guaranteed to the Halifax Humane Society, Inc.

These statements must appear on all notices and advertising that encourage the public to participate in the planned event. This agreement may be terminated upon written notice by either party. It is understood that the Halifax Humane Society, Inc. is not responsible for any requisite licenses, permits, bonds, approvals, and taxes, and assumes no liability or obligations for any expenses and/or injury to property, persons, or animals with respect to the event.

If using the Halifax Humane Society, Inc. name or logo, Halifax Humane Society, Inc. retains the right of approval on all information and materials related to, or used in advertising the event. PRE-APPROVAL REQUIRED BEFORE MATERIAL PRODUCTION