Village of Williamsville Business Survey

1.How long have you operated in the Village of Williamsville?
2.What attracted you to your current location? (check all that apply)
3.Does your business have more than one location?
4.If yes to Question 3, where is it located? (Check all that apply)
5.Are you looking to keep your business in the Village long-term (5+years)?
6.Does your business/company have any plans for expansion (add employees, building addition)?
7.Does your business experience any of the following? (check all that apply)
8.Do you think the Village of Williamsville is supportive of local businesses?
9.What, if any, improvements could be made to make it easier to operate in the Village?
10.What could the Village do to help your business grow or do better in the community?
11.What can your business do to help the Village of Williamsville to grow?