League of Young Voters

The “League of Young Voters" is an initiative, that in the run up to the next European Parliament elections in 2014, would help young people by raising awareness about what is at stake for them at elections and provide impartial information on the positioning of the various parties involved on youth-related crucial issues. Ideally, this would take place on a national and European level, as well as online and on TV. Another important goal of the League is to persuade political parties to target youth directly in their campaigns, by creating debates and focusing on issues that are fundamental to young people's lives. The final aim of the process will be to strengthen youth participation in the 2014 European Parliament elections and mobilise young people to be active European citizens.

The European Youth Forum (YFJ) would be grateful for your responses to the questions below if you're between 16 and 35 years old and come from the European continent. Your input would help us assess the need for a "League of Young Voters".