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Dear student,

Thank you for your participation in Chamberlain University’s self-assessment of nursing-informatics (NI) competencies. This instrument has 4 parts: questions about you (demographics) and the self-assessment, consisting of: basic computer literacy, clinical information management, and information literacy. There is an overall total of 94 items in the self-assessment portion.

One purpose of this data collection is to test the feasibility, usability, reliability, validity, and item performance of the instrument known as TIGER-based Assessment of Nursing Informatics Competencies©. All data collected will be kept confidential. Tracing of Internet connections will not be conducted. Data reporting will be at the aggregate level. Approval by the Institutional Review Board of Chamberlain University will be attained prior to using this data for research purposes, should that be pursued. Chamberlain is hosting the online presence of the questionnaire and providing support for statistical analysis. Continuation beyond this page of the study instrument constitutes approval for their aggregate results to be used for course quality improvement now or possible research later.

Thank you.      
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