1. SOU/Guanajuato Program Survey

Southern Oregon University's connection with the Universidad de Guanajuato will be celebrated on both campuses during 2009. As part of the anniversary program, Dr. Gary Miller, chair of the Department of History and Political Science, is writing a history covering the program from its inception to today. We need your help to include as wide a range of source material as possible. Please take a minute to complete this survey and provide as much information as you feel comfortable giving. You will remain anonymous, even if you include your name for further contact information.

* 1. In what capacity did you participate in the program?

* 2. When did you participate?

* 3. Where were you during the program?

* 4. What was your Spanish or English level prior to participation in the program?

* 5. How much did your language skills improve during your sojourn?