The Dementia Action Alliance is committed to helping people live fully with dementia and supporting those who care about them. We are a volunteer coalition engaged in changing our nation’s understanding of and attitudes about dementia through serving as a trusted source for education, conversations, and advocacy. The Alliance is led by five non-profit organizations: CCAL-Advancing Person-Centered Living, AMDA: The Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine, LeadingAge Georgia, Planetree, and The Eden Alternative.

The DAA created this short 10 minute survey to better understand your needs and priorities for information and resources about dementia care, services and support that can assist you as a caregiver or your family member or friend living with dementia. We are very appreciative and grateful to you for taking the time to complete the survey.

ONLY TO BE COMPLETED BY FAMILY/FRIEND CAREGIVERS OF PEOPLE LIVING WITH DEMENTIA (NOTE: There is a separate survey for people living with dementia)

YOUR PRIVACY IS VERY IMPORTANT TO US! All information you provide will remain completely private. Findings will only be shared as anonymous data to be used to designate your needs and preferences.