Your opinion matters !!!

HRD Ministry has decided to make Class X CBSE Exams optional

If implemented this change promises to bring smiles to lakhs of school going kids in India. The parents too would feel a bit relaxed, at least till the time their children reach Class XII.

Well, that’s the promise. But you may or may not agree with this or Mr Sibal.

Here is an opportunity to speak your mind. Answer the following questions.

Do you think this would help the education system in this country?

What is the single most important objective behind introducing this reform?

Should Class X CBSE examination be made optional?

As per the plan, Class X CBSE exams would be made completely optional. Do you consider this statement as true or false?

From Academic Year 2010-11, Class X grades will be awarded by the schools on the basis of continuous and comprehensive evaluation. Do you consider this statement as True or false?

33% of survey complete.