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About Northern Territory HealthPathways
NT PHN strives to enable providers to delivery quality primary health care and to lead primary health care system integration through effective partnerships. Northern Territory HealthPathways exemplifies effective integration and partnership. Written by GPs for GPs, Northern Territory HealthPathways is an online health information portal which supports GPs to assess and manage conditions, plus request relevant services in the most effective way. Whilst targeted at GPs, Northern Territory HealthPathways is available for all health practitioners to view, and enjoy free access to the Therapeutic Guidelines!

Registering your service in the HealthPathways Directory for referral requests
Thank you for taking the time to register your information so practitioners can easily make referral requests to you or your service. Your data will be stored in the HealthPathways Directory and key information will feature on the HealthPathways website in the appropriate health pathway, once it has been localised for the Northern Territory. 

Please note, there are two short forms;
FORM 1) Register a service for request referrals
FORM 2) Register practitioners to attach to a service

Please complete both forms. You can complete each form more than once to register multiple services and multiple practitioners in the HealthPathways Directory for request referrals.

Further information
For queries or log-in details to the Northern Territory HealthPathways site email:
To visit the Northern Territory HealthPathways site go to:
To stay up-to-date on the HealthPathways project management visit:
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