1. Demographic Information

33% of survey complete.

This survey is confidential and anonymous. It will gather your thoughts in two ways:
1. Through a rating scale approach, as explained in each section;
2. Through room for your comments in each section.

Please make use of both opportunities to voice your thoughts; and thank you for your time in completing the survey! Please complete the survey with honesty and objectivity. Do not identify yourself or anyone else.

Terms, Used: Conceal: To keep the misconduct of fellow employees from being disclosed or revealed. Cover-up: The intentional concealing of the misconduct of other employees.
Use this definition as your guide when asked about trust and your thoughts
and feelings related to trust in this survey

* 1. What type of government agency were you working in?

* 2. How long had you worked there?

* 3. Are you Male or Female?

* 4. How do you define your race?

* 5. What was your job title?

* 6. What was you job assignment?

* 7. How old are you?

* 8. Where do you reside?