Introduction to Survey

As part of the GO TO 2040 plan update, the FY 2014 work plan calls for a review of the implementation action tables found at the end of each of the twelve chapters in GO TO 2040. Specifically, the work plan calls for these actions to be updated to reflect their implementation status. This project does not envision the drafting of new implementation action areas (IAAs), but some actions may be added within the areas.

Over the past month, CMAP staff conducted an internal review to identify implementation examples for the plan’s actions, focusing on work that CMAP has completed over the past three years. The survey includes descriptive text with the results of this internal staff effort, limited to the GO TO 2040 chapters most relevant to the Land Use Committee. Those chapters are "Achieve Greater Livability Through Land Use and Housing" and "Expand and Improve Parks and Open Space".

The following survey allows you the opportunity to add examples of how the region has made progress toward the plan's implementation actions in those two chapters. Please add your examples to the comment boxes provided after each action. Note that the actions are organized into nine Implementation Action Areas - four in "Achieve Greater Livability Through Land Use and Housing" and five in "Expand and Improve Parks and Open Space". Each Implementation Action Area is separated into its own page of the survey.

The progress bar will help you gauge the progress you've made in completing the survey.

We thank you in advance for your contributions. Please direct any questions to Stephen Ostrander, Alex Beata, or Drew Williams-Clark.

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