Draft Americans with Disabilites Act (ADA) Transition Plan

Thank you for taking the time to provide input on the Draft Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Transition Plan using this online tool.

Step 1: Review the Draft Plan. It is availableĀ on the City Website . If you need a copy in an alternative format or would like to request an accommodation, please contact Andrew Merges at 206-870-6568 or AMerges@desmoineswa.gov

Step 2: Complete this survey. Provide your feedback on the plan using the online survey tool.

* 1. Does the plan provide the information that you were looking for?

* 2. If your answer to Question 1 was no, what additional information would you like the plan to provide?

* 3. Are there any barriers to access in City programs, services, and/or facilities that were not documented in the Self-Evaluation section (Section 5 and Appendices C, E, F, and G)? If so, please provide information on what was missed.

* 4. Do you think the transition plans for Programs, Facilities, and Services (Section 6) are adequate?

* 5. If your answer to Question 4 was no, what changes to the transition plans would you like to suggest? Please provide the page and section number along with your suggested changes.

* 6. Do you have any other comments or suggestions for the ADA Transition Plan? If you would like to provide a comment on a specific portion of the plan, please include the page and section number with your response.

Thank you for your participation!