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* 1. Rental Market Survey

* 2. What type of equipment have you rented in the past 3 months?

* 3. What items do you have difficulty finding?

* 4. Do you currently rent from Bobcat of Fort Wayne?

* 5. What do you like BEST about your current rental supplier?

* 6. What do you like LEAST about your current rental supplier?

* 7. What type of steering and lift/tilt controls do you prefer in skid steers and track loaders?

* 8. Rate the importance of each of the following factors that may influence your decision on where to rent equipment

  Least Important Somewhat Important Most Important
Hours on Equipment
Rental Rates
Attachment Availability
Cab, Heat & Air Condition equipped cabs
Early Morning Hours
Delivery / Pick up Service
Skid Steer Availability
Knowledge of Staff
Appearance / Cleanliness
Brand of Equipment
Late Evening Hours
Excavator Availability
Saturday Hours
Track Machine Availability

* 9. How do you think Bobcat of Fort Wayne, Inc. could improve its Rental Department?