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* 1. Rental Market Survey

* 2. What type of equipment have you rented in the past 3 months?

* 3. What items do you have difficulty finding?

* 4. Do you currently rent from Bobcat of Fort Wayne?

* 5. What do you like BEST about your current rental supplier?

* 6. What do you like LEAST about your current rental supplier?

* 7. What type of steering and lift/tilt controls do you prefer in skid steers and track loaders?

* 8. Rate the importance of each of the following factors that may influence your decision on where to rent equipment

  Least Important Somewhat Important Most Important
Delivery / Pick up Service
Knowledge of Staff
Skid Steer Availability
Track Machine Availability
Brand of Equipment
Hours on Equipment
Cab, Heat & Air Condition equipped cabs
Late Evening Hours
Early Morning Hours
Attachment Availability
Excavator Availability
Saturday Hours
Appearance / Cleanliness
Rental Rates

* 9. How do you think Bobcat of Fort Wayne, Inc. could improve its Rental Department?