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* 1. Where do I fall on the spectrum if the system is rigged?:

(1) Already a rigger. I am already in on the rigging behind the scenes.
(2) Looking to get in the action. Knowing the system is rigged, I’d like to get in on the action and benefit from the rigging myself.
(3) Just want to fit in somewhere. The system being rigged, I’ll take the world as I necessarily find it and just figure out where I fit in.
(4) Looking for separate corners. I’ll strive to separate myself and ignore the rigging while seeking to do peripheral good things the rigging won’t prevent (or maybe I’ll run my own separate racket in the shadows of the bigger ones).
(5) Didn’t even realize. I don’t even realize the system is rigged (and, frankly, when my salary or my status in the world depends on believing it isn’t, such blissful ignorance may be my preferred state).
(6) Fighting the rigging. I’ll fight the injustice of the system being rigged.Where do I fall on the spectrum if the system is rigged?