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Thank you for your interest in volunteering.

Joining a committee provides tremendous benefits including professional development, personal growth, the opportunity to increase your professional network and make a huge impact on the direction of the profession.

A list of committees and the areas of responsibilities can be found below.  Submit your information to receive additional detail and select the committee(s) you would like to join but clicking the 'Next' button located at the bottom of the page.

Business Development Committee
Grow contractor market share and develop opportunities to get more children on the yellow bus.

Government Relations Committee
Focuses on working with legislators and regulatory agencies to promote the interest of the school bus contractor industry.

Industry Development Committee
Responsible for activities pertaining to the promotion of the school bus contracting industry.

Meetings & Awards Committee
Responsible for NSTA's award program and developing the program for the Annual Meeting and Convention, Mid-Winter Meeting, and all other meetings.

Safety & Security Committee
Oversees the planning and execution of the School Bus Driver International Safety Competition  and advises the GR Committee on safety and security issues.

Manufacturers, Suppliers & Technology Committee
Focuses on the needs of NSTA supplier and manufacturer partners and finds new ways to foster meaningful interactions between them and contractor members.