Glacial Lakes Events

* 1. Describe your satisfaction with Glacial Lakes Walleye League for 2017

* 2. What time would you prefer to end the 2nd half events "After the Midseason Event"?

* 3. How do you feel about the effectiveness of our meetings?

* 4. Did you fish the Elite Walleye Series following the Midseason Event in 2017 and do you feel the general public would be more inclined or more declined to fish the Midseason Event with Elite?

* 5. Do you feel the leadership in heading in the right direction?

* 6. For the 2018 season we want to focus on making the payouts as large as we possibly can with the vendors/sponsorships we have available. Please comment in the "other"field below if you have a company and/or contact you would like us to approach for a sponsorship for the 2018 season?

* 7. How do you prefer to have our Championship & Midseason Event?

* 8. Will you be fishing GLWL in 2018?

* 9. What is your preferred method of contact? Select all that apply.

* 10. Please leave comments in the boxes below