* 2. Do you find the new local Blog useful for information on local events

* 3. Did you know that you can add our events directly to your electronic calendar from our Blog Events page

* 4. Have you registered for any of our events on Eventbrite

* 5. Do you find Eventbrite useful for viewing and registering for our events

* 6. Did you know you can add events to your electronic calendar from Eventbrite

* 7. Did you know that you can cancel bookings / get refunds on Eventbrite if you are unable to attend an event

* 8. For the 2016 - 2017 programme do you feel we need to publish a hard copy brochure

* 9. Would you be happy for our programme to be published electronically only 

* 10. Are there any  recommendations you would like to make on how we can improve access to information and registration for our events

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