* 1. Do you feel the quality of the deals booked might be negatively impacting your business results?

* 2. How does your organization manage deal quality today?

* 3. Who in your organization is most concerned about the business impacts of low-quality deals (check all that apply):

* 4. When during the sales cycle does your organization become aware of and have visibility into the overall quality or potential issues with a deal?

* 5. Do you believe that sales cycles are unnecessarily delayed when the sales organization does not have the authority to negotiate key items in the proposal?

* 6. Would you say that internal resources such as finance, sales ops, product management, business operations and legal are spent managing poor quality deals in the late stages of the sales cycle?

* 7. Do you believe poor deal quality can adversely affect customer satisfaction after the sale?

* 8. Does your organization measure the effectiveness of sales training?

* 9. Is your sales compensation linked in any way to the quality of the deals being closed?

* 10. If your organization could proactively manage the quality of deals and thus improve overall deal quality, would this be of value?

* 11. Would you like to know the final survey results and/or are you open to us following up to further our research on this issue?

* 12. If you feel there is someone else that would be helpful to our research, please forward the following link to this survey: