CTC-RI CME Sessions Eval & Credit Request

Before We Even Begin, Thank You!

Your feedback is what affirms that the work we're doing here at Care Transformation Collaborative is leaving a positive impact and helps guide how we can evolve and pick meaningful topics for you!
Your answers here will remain anonymous and confidential. Responses to this survey will be aggregated and will be shared with the team. These responses will guide internal review of our programming and help us in the search of future content to offer to you and other folks.

We would appreciate your feedback and suggestions for future topics. Please complete the evaluation even if you are not requesting CME credit as it gives us a chance to evaluate the work that we are doing and the overall impact.

To access CME recordings, please visit our website here.

If you would like CME credit, you will be directed to a second page to input your information. You can expect to receive a certificate approximately 30 days after submission.

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