* 1. During your most recent visit, were the reception staff at PhysioArt’s office as helpful as you thought they should be?

* 2. How easy or difficult was it to schedule your appointment at a time that was convenient for you?

* 3. The process of getting insurance approval was easy and done in reasonable time frame

* 4. Telephone calls are answered promptly and professionally by PhysioArt staff

* 5. Your physiotherapist introduced themselves and made you feel at ease during the first treatment session

* 6. The treating physiotherapist understood your specific problems and concerns and worked to address them

* 7. The treatment by the therapist was always professional and all aspects of the treatment were discussed with you

* 8. The facility and treatment rooms were neat and clean and gave you a comforting feeling

* 9. Getting to PhysioArt was easy and access to parking was no problem.

* 10. Would you recommend your therapist and/or PhysioArt Physiotherapy Center to your family and friends

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