* 1. How strong is your sense of community within West County SDA Church? 

* 2. How often do you attend West County SDA Church?

* 3. How would you describe West County SDA Church?

* 4. How satisfied are you with our Sabbath services? (10 being extremely satisfied)

* 5. What do you like MOST about our weekly Sabbath service?

* 6. What do you like LEAST about our weekly Sabbath service?
Do you have any ideas on how we can improve our weekly service? 

* 7. What kind of ministry outreach would you like to see that we aren’t doing?

* 8. What improvements would you most like to see at our facility?

* 9. Do you feel that you can reach out to our pastor? 

* 10. Any comments, questions, concerns that were not addressed?