* 1. Contact Information

* 2. Academic Information

* 3. For which Phi Eta Sigma position are you applying?

* 4. Why are you interested in this position? Why do you think you'll be best for the role?

* 5. Please describe your involvement in Phi Eta Sigma events. Which have you participated in? What was your role? What did you do?

* 6. Please list extracurricular activities in which are actively involved (interests, volunteering, job...etc)

* 7. Are you part of any other student organizations on campus? (clubs, fraternities/sororities...etc) If yes, what position do you hold?

* 8. What are your plans for Phi Eta Sigma if you become an officer?

* 9. How will you encourage general member participation in all events, meetings, and activities?

* 10. Please add any additional comments here.

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