1. Quiz #1

* 1. your full name:

* 2. Email Address:

* 3. Program:

* 4. Which of the following sentences is an example of using “People First” language?

* 5. During initial screening of survivors who contact your program, it is routine to collect information about the survivor. Which of the following questions would be appropriate ways to ask about the survivor’s needs relating to a disability?

* 6. The law requires your services to be accessible to alcoholics or drug addicts who are in recovery.

* 7. You receive a call on your program’s TTY machine. The call is from someone seeking your services, but the message has incomplete sentences, numerous misspellings, and has words in the wrong order. What does this tell you about the caller?

* 8. A survivor contacts you seeking your services. She tells you she has a developmental disability. Her speech is very difficult to understand and it will take a long time for you to gather the information you need. What should you do?