Please take this survey. We really want to know how you felt about your time at Camp Onas. Thanks for helping make Camp Onas an even better place.

* 1. My counselors took good care of me.

* 2. I felt like I was friends with the people in my bunk.

* 3. My bunk got along well.

* 4. There was a sense of community in my bunk.

* 5. What was the most awesome thing your counselor did with your bunk?

* 6. I felt a sense of community on my Side.

* 7. I felt like I belonged to the Camp community.

* 8. I felt safe at Camp Onas.

* 9. I liked the food at Camp Onas.

* 10. I enjoyed eating in the Dining Hall.

* 11. What did you like or not like about eating in the Dining Hall?

* 12. Check the activities you did and then rate them.

  Did it Super Good Fair Poor
Swimming lessons
Pool Games
Sock wrestling
Black Top Games
Super Dodge
Magic the Gathering
Texas Room Games
Critter Catching
Animal Care
Nature Shrine
Leprechaun Houses

* 13. My favorite activity at Camp Onas was...

* 14. What arts activities did you do?

* 15. Are there any kinds of art or creative activities that you would like to see happen at camp?

* 16. Did you get to do any of the following adventure activities?

  Yes Did not want to Wanted to but wasn't chosen
High Ropes
Low Ropes
Rock Climbing
Zip Line
Climbing Wall in the Barn

* 17. Answer this question if you went on the Pioneer or Junior Pioneer.

  easy for me somewhat of a challenge a big challenge really hard for me
The hiking part was
The canoeing part was

* 18. I was homesick while at Camp.

* 19. If you were homesick, what helped you?

* 20. What kinds of things did you think about during Meeting for Worship?

* 21. Did you find Meeting For Worship a valuable experience?

* 22. Do you feel like your camp experience made you a more independent person?

* 23. What was the best thing about your time at Camp Onas?

* 24. What was the worst thing about your time at Camp Onas?

* 25. What would you change about Camp Onas?

* 26. How many years have you been a camper at Camp Onas?

* 27. Are you a girl or boy?

* 28. How old are you?

* 29. Are you a Quaker?