* 1. How polite was the Registrar's staff member you met?

* 2. How well did the Registrar's staff member answer your question or solve your problem?

* 3. How well did you feel the Registrar's staff member understood what you were saying/asking?

* 4. How well do you think the Registrar's staff understands what you need to be successful?

* 5. "The staff member(s) in the Registrar's Office seemed willing to go out of their way to help me meet my needs."

* 6. The staff member(s) in the Registrar's Office displayed professionalism during my interaction with the office.

* 7. "If my request could not be immediately satisfied, the Registrar's staff member gave me clear information about the steps needed for resolution."

* 8. Overall, how satisfied are you with the staff members in the Registrar's Office?

* 9. How was your service experience in the Registrar's Office? If your answer is "worse than expected" please explain why in the comments section and tell us how we could better serve your needs.

* 10. Please provide comments for improving the service provided by the Registrar's Office.

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