XE7 First Impression Survey

Thank you for being our XE7 customer. We really appreciate you being an early adopter of this exciting new release.

Developers love to hear about our new releases from other developers. So, we would like to share your feedback about XE7 internally inside Embarcadero and also externally with other developers, with your permission of course.

This survey is very short and should not take you more than 5 minutes.

Thank you in advance.
David Intersimone "David I"
Vice President of Developer Relations and Chief Evangelist

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* 1. What is your first impression of your new Delphi, C++Builder or RAD Studio XE7 release?

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* 2. What is the one coolest new XE7 feature (for you) and how do you think it will help you as a developer? You could, for example, rave about the new Parallel Programming Library, FireUI Multi-Device Designer, Bluetooth support, Multi-Touch support across platforms, Quality enhancements, Enterprise Mobility Services, or any other new features.

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* 3. If you were recommending XE7 to a colleague or friend, what would you tell them to get them excited about XE7?

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* 4. Can we quote your answers above publicly? Example in the Delphi/C++/RAD website and collateral?

"XE7 is the best upgrade since Delphi 7. High quality plus FireUI and the Parallel Library are amazing!"
John Doe - Lead Developer - ACME Software

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* 5. If you are ok being quoted, please enter your name, role and company as you would like it be displayed under any quotes. We will contact you by email before we use the information you provide to us.

example: "Johnny Doe - Lead Developer - ACME Software"