* 1. Situated in the heart of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada, the Gaelic College of Celtic Arts and Crafts was founded in 1938 as a school devoted to the study and preservation of the Gaelic language, arts and culture. Students of all ages and abilities from around the world take courses at our Cape Breton campus and online.

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* 2. If you are interested in being added to our email list, or would like more information please fill our your information.

* 4. How is the best way to spread the word of our school and get in touch with drummers and pipers?

  Very Effective Effective Slightly Effective Ineffective Will be ignored
Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs)
Booths at Events
Gaelic College Pipe Band
Sponsorship Ads in Major Games and Events
Event Calendars
All of the above

* 5. What instructors would you as a band, individual player, or organization travel to Cape Breton for instruction?

* 6. If you are choosing to go to another school instead of the Gaelic College, what is the determining factor to making that choice?

* 7. If you are from the local area, how can we increase our presence and give back to the community? What have been our mistakes in the past, and what are we doing right?

* 8. Would you be interested in:

  Very Interested Interested Slightly Interested uninterested
Group Solo Bagpipe Classes
Group Solo Drumming Classes
Group Solo Midsection Classes
Individual Solo Bagpipe Classes
Individual Drumming Classes
Individual Midsection Classes
Band Workshops
Step Dance
Celtic Harp
Gaelic Song
Gaelic Language
Highland Dance
Small Pipes

* 9. What other disciplines would be of interest to you?

* 10. Additional Comments: