The CEO Elite Advisory Boards Intake

Your answers to these questions provide insight into the current state of your business. Starting with a clear picture of where you are now is the first step for the Advisory Board to help you move forward.

NOTE - When you have completed this form you will receive an email invitation within 2 business days, to schedule a time to chat with Barb.

* 1. Your personal details:

* 2. What is the gross annual income of your business?

* 3. How many years have you been in business? (may include other businesses you have owned or managed)

* 4. What are your top three goals for GROWTH in your business over the next year?

* 5. What is your Vision and Mission for your business?

* 6. Describe your ideal client.

* 7. List the top 5 products and/or services you sell.

* 8. Describe the sales cycle for your top selling product/service. (Include the target market, how you find your clients, the length of your conversion time and the conversion ratio for lead/sale or prospect/sale.)

* 9. What are your next big investments for your business?

* 10. What are your top 10 marketing channels? List any technology you may own or have to maintain to access this marketing channel. For example, a shopping cart or a social media profile.