This brief survey is being used to collect feedback from teachers in regards to the type of instructional technology that could be placed in your school and classrooms in the near future. This information will help guide the district and school administrator's discussion as to the best choices we can make for the district, schools and most importantly your classroom. Thank you in advance for your help.

* 1. School

* 2. Grade Level Group

* 3. Grade Level

* 4. If given a choice, select the technology choice you would prefer to support your work as a teacher.

* 5. If you chose a laptop, choose any the following that would be important to your work.(Multiple answers can be selected.)

* 6. If you chose a laptop, rank the following in it's importance to getting your work done.

* 7. If you had a laptop as your only device in the classroom, please identify your level of concern for that device if it is inoperable or is brought to school with malware or viruses on it and a replacement is provided.

* 8. If after answering question 7 and support was only able to provide you with a loaner laptop until your laptop is repaired, which teacher setup would you prefer below.

* 9. If your students had access to devices or computers in your classroom, please state what your device preference would be. (Choose only one.)