Community Survey

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors established the Family Assistance Program in July 2019 to support families following a fatal use of force or death while in the custody of the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department. The program aims to improve communication between County Departments and families of the decedents through compassionate communication and trauma-informed responses, services, and support to families, friends, and witnesses following an in-custody death or fatal use of force.

The Family Assistance Program has provided services to families since August of 2019 under the Department of Mental Health. The program is currently in transition to the Department of Public Health's Office of Violence Prevention. Your feedback is voluntary, and it will assist in the improvement of the program. If you have any questions about the Family Assistance program, please contact the LA County Office of Violence Prevention:

Trigger Warning:

This survey contains language and asks questions about violence that some might find traumatic or triggering. We invite all participants to trust their instincts and proceed with caution. We support you in doing whatever feels right for you, as your physical, emotional, and spiritual safety are our number one priority. 

*At the end of this survey, there is a section on grounding techniques to bring you back into an okay, present place. If at any time while responding to the survey, you feel yourself experiencing shortness of breath, rapid heart rate, overheating, or any other signs of panic related to being triggered, we recommended taking a break and turning to this section to practice some of these wellness techniques. Additionally, we have included a few hotlines that we invite you to call if you would like to speak to a trained professional.