This survey is part of the Philadelphia Zoning Code Reform Project. It solicits public input on portions of a draft new code that addresses zoning administration and procedures. The project is divided into three phases, and we are currently in the second phase.


1) Recommend (Summer 2008 through Fall 2009)
This phase included an assessment of the existing code, report on best practices, the development of recommendations on the new code, and revisions to the recommendations in light of public comment.

2) Rewrite (Fall 2009 through Fall 2010)
This phase includes writing the new code.

3) Remap (to begin in 2011)
During this phase, the Philadelphia City Planning Commission will work with the community to revise the zoning map that designates how parcels are classified.

The Zoning Code Commission (ZCC) is organizing the zoning code rewrite process in three sections, or modules:

Module 1: Administration and Procedures
Module 2: Districts and Uses
Module 3: Dimensional Standards

The ZCC recently released a draft version of Module 1. This survey explains the significant ways this draft section of the new code would change zoning administration and procedures, and solicits public feedback on these changes.

The ZCC is also holding public workshops across the city to solicit feedback on this draft new code. For more information about these workshops, please visit

The ZCC will use input from this survey and the public workshops to inform revisions to Module 1. A similar process will be repeated later this spring and summer when Modules 2 and 3 are developed. Ultimately, the ZCC will finalize all three Modules, integrate the Modules into one code document, and deliver it to City Council. Council will hold hearings and vote on whether this integrated code document should be formally adopted as the city’s new zoning code.

You might find it helpful to review some additional background information about this project before taking this survey. We have provided background information on the following page (no files need to be downloaded). You can also download a full copy of the draft version of Module 1 at on the home page.

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