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IG 201: Inter- and Intra-Group Race Dialogues
Spring 2014

In a multicultural society, discussions about issues of conflict and community are needed to facilitate understanding between social/cultural groups. In these inter- (People of Color and White People) and intra- (White Racial Identity or Multiracial Identity) group dialogues on race, students will participate in semi-structured face-to-face meetings across and/or within social identity groups. They will discuss relevant historical, psychological, and sociological reading material and explore group experiences in various social and institutional contexts. Through interactive activities, in-class dialogues, readings, and self-reflective writing, students will learn about pertinent issues facing the participating groups on campus and in society. The goal is to create a setting in which students engage in open and constructive dialogue by exploring issues of inter-/intra-group relations, conflict, and social change.

Dialogue sessions will take place from on Mondays from 7:00-8:50 PM. Two advanced peer-facilitators from IG 361: Racial Identity Theory & Praxis will facilitate your dialogue, with ongoing supervision from faculty/staff instructors.

Acceptance to this course will be conducted on an ongoing basis until spaces are filled. Please complete the following application as soon as possible to be considered for enrollment. We will be in touch before registration begins on November 12 about the status of your application. Questions can be directed to Professor Kristie Ford (kford@skidmore.edu).

Thanks for your interest in IGR!

1. First and Last Name

2. Email Address

3. Class Year

4. Academic Major(s)/Minor(s)

5. Please identify the two dialogue topics you would most like to participate in and why. (Note: Final dialogue topics will be determined by interest and availability of the peer-facilitators.)

6. How do you self-identify in terms of race/ethnicity?

7. How do you self-identify in terms of gender?

8. How did you hear about these inter-/intra-group dialogues on race?

9. Why do you want to enroll in this course?

10. What do you hope to gain from this experience?

11. Date of Application