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Thank you for your interest in my doctoral research study titled: How Does BDSM Affect the Embodiment of the Superwoman Role For African American Women?.
Participation is completely voluntary. You may withdraw from the study at any time without penalty or prejudice. The study is completely confidential. If selected, you will be asked during the informed consent process to choose a pseudonym to protect your privacy. The names of any individual you discuss during the interviews will also be changed to a pseudonym. Information from the interview may be used for scholarly articles and a later book project. Additional information regarding SurveyMonkey's privacy notice may be found at
This survey will be used to determine whether the study is a good fit and should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.
Please proceed if you meet the following criteria:
     - age of 25 years or older,
     - female,
     - African American
     - actively engage in BDSM practices for 2+ years,
     - self-identified as exhibiting the Super Woman Schema prior to engaging in BDSM activity.
Thank you for your time and considering participation. Please feel free to share this request.
Kali A. Washington
Ph.D. student at Sofia University
This section of the survey asks about your experience in the superwoman role prior to actively engaging in BDSM. For positive responses, you will be asked to rate the level of your experience and desire.

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* 1. Feel obligated to present an image of strength?

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