The Beautiful Balcony Solution Self-Evaluation

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Creators of the most beautiful balconies in the world

Creators of the most beautiful balconies in the world

This 10-question survey will help you assess your current balcony condition and how confident you are about transforming it into a beautiful extension of your home.

Read each statement and decide how much you agree with it.

* 1. I love and enjoy the way my balcony looks right now.

* 2. I am able to use my balcony all the ways I want to use it.

* 3. I am entirely confident that I can accommodate the natural wind and sun, and be comfortable on my balcony.

* 4. I thoroughly understand my style preferences for the form, colour and design of my balcony.

* 5. I know how to design my balcony so it harmonizes with my suite interior.

* 6. I have a good idea of the cost required to create and maintain a beautiful balcony.

* 7. I am very confident that I can choose furniture that will be safe for use on my balcony.

* 8. I am familiar with my Condo Board’s regulations about making changes on my balcony.

* 9. I have a detailed plan of the beautiful balcony I am dreaming of creating.

* 10. I am confident I am able to create, on my own, a beautiful balcony, that meets all regulations.

* 11. Add up your responses: Give yourself :
1 for each Disagree
2 for each Somewhat Disagree
3 for each Neither
4 for each Somewhat Agree
5 for each Agree.

If you score less than 25, you probably need help to create a beautiful balcony; if you scored 25-40 you'd benefit from guidance and ideas; if you scored more than 40 you're a Pro!

Now that you've assessed where you are now, what would help increase your level of confidence and certainty that you can have the balcony of your dreams?

Choose as many as you like:

* 12. The Garden Connections team can help you achieve the balcony of your dreams.

If you're ready to get started, CONTACT US and we'll be in touch in no time, to schedule a convenient time to meet with you.

In your complimentary Starter Session we can help you start the right way by identifying your design style and the design and layout options matched with your style preference and lifestyle.

Creators of the most beautiful balconies in the world